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Wealth For All Update

Wealth 4 All Update
We cannot say thank you enough to all of you! It is because of your hard work, dedication and effort that we keep on growing and breaking records. Our member family is the best, and we want to make sure we communicate to you as often as possible with news, events and updates as to what is happening in the Wealth4all teamand to thank you. Did I say we wanted to thank you? So, let me update you on all areas of the business so you can share with the world!1. Wealth4all Team Is growing! Yes, we are growing leaps and bounds. Since the re-launch in January we have made great strides and keep growing. The month of April was our best month yet, (it seems every new month is the best month), as we broke records in deposits to the company, payouts to the members and one more great Milestone: WE HAVE GONE OVER A $1,000,000.00 IN DEPOSITS! That is great news and again, it is all because of you –  thank you! We have paid out over $250,000.00.  Yes, you read right, over a quarter of a million dollars in payments to our members ! That is money in people’s accounts. You can honestly and confidently tell the world WEALTH4ALLTEAM PAYS !

Based on last month’s numbers, our greatest assest, YOU, OUR MEMBERS, are growing at a rate of 40% to 45% daily, based on total members coming in! THAT IS AWESOME ! Remember guys, our calculations and sustainability algorithims only require a quarter of that growth. With some of the other things we are implementing, the future looks very bright for all of us.  Again, Thank you!

2. We have implemented a new corporate structure. In the past, Wealth4all relied on volunteers and members to get a lot of the behind-the-scenes work done to make this program a reality. Well, because of our huge success and growth, we could no longer sustain our program and the amount of work necessary to get tasks and work acomplished, using the same volunteer model. We now have a very slim and efficient executive board, and we have created paid positions and jobs that we are rapidly filling (mostly from members and former board members) to formalize and expedite our growth. We will be soon posting job openings on our page and would like our members who have experience in the areas mentioned, be the first to apply and interview for those jobs! Again, you caused the growth, and we Thank you !

3. We are finally implementing a new international E-Wallet via I-Payout ! The solution they will be providing for us is incredible ! You will have very low, low fees and multiple ways to deposit money into and withdraw money out of Wealth4all. We can service all countries in the world with the exception of those not allowed by OFAC. We have already reviewed our membership base and can report we are in good shape. More information on the I-payout will follow on a separate email with instructions.

4 Be ready for our new Monthly Promotions! We are kicking off May with a new promotion designed to make our business fun and profitable at the same time, plus encourage you, the member, to grow! We are going to have cash, gift cards, prizes and more. We will even have a promotion for those members you recruited but who never upgraded to paid member! Well, now they will have a reason to do so! I want to tell you more but I can’t, I don’t want our marketing department to shoot me for stealing their thunder! Stay tuned!

5. WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE PSU PAYOUT THIS MONTH! I am going to leave you hanging on this one, but not for long. Payouts will show in your account by Friday, and I am telling you, you will be pleasantly surprised!

6.Wealth4allTeam Downline Builder: Guys, there are several programs that Wealth4all Management has researched, analyzed and participates in that are a great way for you to diversify and increase your income. Those programs are not mandated by Wealth4all, rather they are suggested as complementary programs that would help you, the member, help Wealth4all, which in turn takes the money and pays it right back ot you! There will be more details/emails coming in the next few days and weeks that will explain each of them individually and explain how you would benefit from participation. We will also offer some testimonials from current members that are participating and greatly benefiting from these partnerships ! Stay tuned.

7. Mega Marketing Update. Some of you have sent correspondence and have called asking for information about the Mega Marketing program. Mega Marketing is a set of tools that will give you the opportunity to market your Wealth4all business to the world. Mega Marketing has a Downline Builder component to it that again, as said above, is not mandatory; it is your choice on how  you want to participate. You can just be a customer and use the tools available or you can join the build and either get the program for free or make some extra cash with it! Again, the choice is yours. Stay tuned for more details and training on this!

8. Recently an email went out explaining Wealth4all’s stance on Cross-recruiting. We had seen, and it was reported to us by members, an increase of activity by some individuals trying to recruit Wealth4all members into other programs via private skype and email. Although at first look this action does not seem in any way bad or unethical, the way that it was done was. Let us explain so you can understand. People were asking members to accept them as friends in private skype messages or by email with the sole purpose of pitching programs to them or recruit them into other programs. The worst part about that was the fact that these people were telling our members that the programs they were pitching were “Sister” programs or “approved” programs by Wealth4all when, in reality, we did not know anything about them.

Some people thought we were being tough and irrational, but the truth is, we are very protective of our members! YOU ARE OUR GREATEST ASSET! and we will protect the membreship at any cost. If you talk to someone and meet them through Wealth4all and talk to them and INVITE them to another program, via your banners or social media site, there is nothing wrong with that, and it is allowed. Even if you happen to meet someone and private message them a link, that is OK.  (I don’t recommend it since they will probably delete you from their contacts). But when you lie about whatever it is you are pitching and you tell people Wealth4all is involved or that it is a sister or brother program, and we in fact are not, you have crossed the line, and we will probably terminate your account.

The statements we made on that last email seemed to confuse some people into thinking that we were acting like the Gestapo and trying to command you or force you to only participate in programs in our downline builder and nothing else. Far from the truth. You can participate in any program your heart desires, but when it comes to recruiting our members, you must do it in an ethical way and as expressed in common rules of engagement on the internet. It is common sense! If I don’t know you and I send you a link to something I am in that I want you to join, it is called SPAM! If I don’t know you and I try to recruit you into another program away from your sponsor in Wealth4all so that I become your new sponsor in the other program, that’s CROSS-RECRUITING !

Let’s play by the rules, be nice and respectful and protect our program from the same people that lurk around all over the net and pelt people with their incessant link-throwing about the program of the minute! Use common sense. We do not want to terminate anyone. If you see this kind of activity happening, report it ! That way we can protect your teams and the integrity of our program. That’s all about that.

Well, sorry for the lengthy email, but so much good news does not fit in a small message. We will keep on working to improve our program and make this an awesome experience for all. We have a couple of other items that we are working on that you will hear about very soon. These items are going to improve our program and also improve our bottom line! What does that mean for you? More security and  more income for a very, very long time !

Thank you all again for all that you do! Keep on promoting and spreading the word! I LOVE WEALTH4ALL TEAM !


Wealth4allteam Management