About VP

“Virtual Properties” is an Internet Company that offers web based training, entertainment, and income opportunity to participants world wide.

In other words stuff to help you learn,  make money, and have fun!

What’s so very special about “Virtual Properties” is that with us you become part of an Online Community that not only entertains you and keeps you in touch with your friends and associates, but allows you to earn money with ALL of your Internet connection programs.

As part of the “Virtual Properties” Community you own and manage a Virtual Building that is REAL virtual property (refer to FAQ 1) and that can provide you with a REAL residual and growing income.

This means you can finally make money online and have a great time doing it.

“Virtual Properties” tenants are welcome to attend frequent ongoing web based interactive training sessions with REAL experts in the field ofInternet Marketing and Online Commerce.  This training all by itself is worth the price of “rent” several times over!

Virtual Properties landlords can select a promotional website to assist them in finding new tenants and potential associates to join them in “Virtual Properties”.  There is never a charge for either set up or hosting of this valuable bonus asset.

You will learn how to use your NEW virtual property to make money and also how to use the virtual properties YOU ALREADY HAVE to cash in online.

“Virtual Properties” is a unique and innovative program that can provide a REAL opportunity to realize your financial goals.


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