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(“Let’s just start at the beginning.”)

“Virtual property” is your “stuff” on the Internet.  If you have a web site or blog page,  a Twitter or Four Square subscription, a FaceBook or MySpace account, even just an email ID … You have “virtual property”.

Whether you actually own all your Internet “property” or just kind of borrow it becomes a more involved question of “intellectual property” .  But we don’t need to open THAT can of worms!

At any rate, “virtual property” is REAL property that can be owned, bought and sold, traded or given away, and can decrease or increase in value over time.  (Have you seen the stock price of Google lately?)

As you read the rest of the FAQ’s, you might want to remember that virtual property is REAL property, OK?

So no doubt you already have a bunch of “virtual property” and may have had some of it for years.

Your “virtual property” when you come right down to it is nothing but computer code stored on hard drives in air conditioned rooms.  ALL of our  ”virtual property” is a just a really huge collection of zeroes and ones that make up the data and instructions for computers to compute!

So how is it that all these ones and zeroes, this “virtual property” that is also REAL property, is now crucial to the whole world’s economy?

How does this effect YOUR economy?

How can YOU  make money with “virtual property”?

Keep reading.  These FAQ’s contain important information that could  ”virtually” change your life … Really!

(“Tell me what this Internet Company is all about.”)

“Virtual Properties” is an Internet Company that offers web based training, entertainment, and income opportunity to participants world wide.

In other words we offer resources to help you learn, techniques to make you money, and lots of ways for you to have fun!

What’s so very special about “Virtual Properties” is that with us you become part of an Online Community that not only entertains you and keeps you in touch with your friends and associates, but allows you to earn money with ALL of your Internet connection programs.

As part of the “Virtual Properties” Community you own and manage a Virtual Building that is REAL virtual property (refer to FAQ 1) and that can provide you with a REAL residual and growing income.

This means you can finally make money online and have a great time doing it.

“Virtual Properties” tenants are welcome to attend frequent ongoing web based interactive training sessions with REAL experts in the field of Internet Marketing and Online Commerce. This training all by itself is worth the price of “rent” several times over!

Virtual Properties landlords can select a promotional website to assist them in finding new tenants and potential associates to join them in “Virtual Properties”. There is never a charge for either set up or hosting of this valuable bonus asset.

You will learn how to use your NEW virtual property to make money and also how to use the virtual properties YOU ALREADY HAVE to cash in online.

“Virtual Properties” is a unique and innovative program that can provide a REAL opportunity to realize your financial goals.

(“You’re not trying to ‘pull a fast one’ I hope.”)

There are no legal issues that in any way interfere with your purchase, promotion, or affiliate sales of “Virtual Properties” as long as you go along with our rules and stick to the regulations.

Buying and selling virtual property is a perfectly legal and legitimate form of  commerce.  You’ve been buying and using your own virtual properties for years.

When you make money with “Virtual Properties” you will of course be required to file the tax documents that apply where you live.  Sorry about that!

You may have heard of legal concerns involving Internet programs such as “multi- level marketing”, “gifting programs”, “tiered affiliate structures”, or even “ponzi” and “pyramid schemes”.  Some of these are NOT LEGAL and others are NOT LEGITIMATE.

There are none of these problems with “Virtual Properties” because we are NONE OF THE ABOVE!

When you purchase a Virtual Building you are buying “virtual property”.  ”Virtual Property” is REAL property.  Therefore, your “Virtual Building” is REAL PROPERTY.

Whew!  That’s quite a concept to wrap your head around, isn’t it?

You can sell your Virtual Building, rent it, run a retail store in it, or trade your Virtual Building for a bigger one.  Give your Virtual Building to your kids or leave it to your church when you’re done with it.

It’s yours and because it IS “virtual property” … Your Virtual Building is REAL property.  Rent it, trade it, sell it, or give it away as you please.  It’s value may even increase substantially over time if you manage it well.

The more you learn about “Virtual Properties” the more you will understand that this is something of real value, real integrity, and Really Different from anything you’ve seen before …

“Virtual Properties” is for REAL.

(“Explain why anyone would WANT a ‘Virtual Building’.”)

At the present time the virtual world of “Virtual Properties” is two dimensional.  It is made up of pictures, charts,  videos, chats, audio and video interactivity, and conference rooms.

Soon, the virtual world of “Virtual Properties” will be Dramatically Different!

“Virtual Properties” will become a three dimensional virtual reality “destination,” complete with the sites, sounds, and “dimensionality” found in cutting edge gaming and simulation software … And then some!

Just as in these other simulated realities, the actual people in “Virtual Properties” rooms will be represented by digital characters called “Avatars”.  (Yup, just like in the 3D movie that made like a zillion dollars a couple of years ago!)

As you would expect, “Avatars” will be “at home” in virtual rooms within “Virtual Properties”.  These rooms will be within our virtual buildings, and the buildings will be within our virtual communities.

When you purchase your own Virtual Building in “Virtual Properties” you own (among many other valuable benefits …) the right to host events and COMMERCE in your building.  You own the right to lease space to others and to collect rent from “tenants” who agree to share your digital property.

You (or your Avatar …) will be able to make money lots of different ways in this virtual community!

When you are “in” the “Virtual Properties” simulated environment, YOU are represented by an Avatar.  Your BUSINESS in “Virtual Properties” is represented by your Virtual Building.

So, just to be perfectly clear, you are not just buying a “make believe” building. You are buying a very REAL BUSINESS represented by a “Virtual  Building”.

This is a simulated world, but the money is for real.  As “Virtual Properties” grows, the chances to make money will grow, too.  It’s a bit too complicated to get into in this FAQ section, but your Virtual Building may accrue in value over time just like actual Real Estate has during most of recent history.

FAQ 1 and especially FAQ 3 describe how your Virtual Building is “virtual property”, and “virtual property” is REAL  property that can be bought and sold, and that may certainly increase in value over time.  How cool is that?

Welcome to the world of virtual reality!  Welcome to “Virtual Properties”!

(“Just give me the big picture.”)

The creator of “Virtual Properties” has had a long and successful career in Internet Marketing. He is also an expert in web coding and design. He recognized a need in the global online marketplace for a program that could offer Internet Marketers of all levels quality training, professional and peer support, and marketing resources that would be cost effective and accessible.

He also knew that client companies of all sizes are always looking for ways to increase their brand recognition, advertise in ways that reach their target audience, and of course increase sales.

In “Virtual Properties” it is client companies that will provide most of the income. This allows ALL of the monthly fees paid BY members to be paid directly TO members!

This is NOT a “multi-level” program! “Virtual Properties” is a “Member To Member – Get Paid Instantly” Program. (Read about M2M – GPI in FAQ 7.)

“Virtual Properties” is an innovative and evolutionary program that meets the needs of client advertisers as well as those of individual internet marketers, while providing a sustainable income for the owner and investors. Confidence in the plan is so high that the owners have in fact pre-paid all overhead and fixed business expenses right through 2025.  That kind of confidence should give you and anyone considering membership a warm fuzzy feeling!

What’s does this mean for YOU?

Maybe it means you’re looking at the chance you need to build a stable, long term, steadily growing RESIDUAL income. Maybe it means REAL financial freedom.

(“I could use a few more details now please”.)“Virtual Properties” is an Internet Company that offers web based training, entertainment, and income opportunities to participants world wide.

What’s so very special about “Virtual Properties” is that with us you become part of an Online Community that not only entertains you and keeps you in touch with your friends and associates, but allows you to earn money with ALL of your Internet connection programs, including those you ALREADY OWN.

This means you can finally make money online and have a great time doing it, too.

“Virtual Properties’” owners are enabled with a “boat load” of products for entertainment, education, and commerce.   Each “landlord” is entitled to receive professional counsel, community and peer support, access to extensive online marketing resources and training, and an opportunity to generate increasing residual income.

“Virtual Properties’” landlords can also select a promotional website to assist them in finding new tenants and potential associates to join them in “Virtual Properties”.

In other words you’ll have all kinds of options to help you learn,  make money, and have some fun!

Let’s just take a look step by step at how you buy an income producing Virtual Building and join the Community of “Virtual Properties”.

Soon you’ll REALLY understand this VERY UNIQUE profit rich opportunity!

Step 1:  You are invited by someone who currently represents “Virtual Properties” to take a look at the company and learn “what’s in it for you”.  Your sponsor owns a Virtual Building and you will be invited to rent space from the   “landlord”.  You have to “rent” before you purchase this type of virtual property from “Virtual Properties”.

(If you have no one to sponsor you into “Virtual Properties” you’ll need to find a “landlord” who owns a Virtual Building to let you in.   This will be no problem as long as you demonstrate a willingness to learn and contribute to the Community.  We’ll find you a Virtual Building with a “Vacancy” sign, bet on it!)

Step 2:  You review the information on your landlord’s “Virtual Properties” website.  We of course recommend you take your time and complete “due diligence”.  This is not for everyone, and you may find that investing in virtual properties is not suitable for you at this time.  Get the facts (and the FAQs) and make your decision.

Step 3:  Decide on the levels of participation in the program you are comfortable with.  Most start off in a mid-level unit but a real economical (ok … cheap …) starter package is an option.  Your individual sponsor (we’ll say “landlord”, just play along!) may offer a sign-up bonus or discount.  These “move-in special”  incentives are sometimes time limited or space available so be sure and ask!

Step 4: Pay the appropriate fees corresponding to the level of involvement you have elected.  You will incur a set up charge (“Construction Cost”) that is paid (one time only) to the company, and your first month’s recurrent charge that is paid directly to your sponsor.  Recurring fees are paid only to your sponsor and are NOT shared or distributed “downline” to any other program members.

That’ because this is NOT a “multi-level” program!  ”Virtual Properties” is a “Member To Member – Get Paid Instantly” Program.  (Read about M2M – GPI in FAQ 7.)

Step 5:  After your “digital construct” is completed you will be notified that your “Virtual Building” is ready.  You now own virtual property and your “Virtual Properties” system is operational.

You may immediately begin inviting others to participate so that you can “earn as you learn”.  Your Virtual Building is ready for “tenants”!

It’s time for you to get busy and earn your income!

(Please describe the M2M – GPI business model.)“Virtual Properties” is a Member To Member – Get Paid Instantly (M2M – GPI) Program.

With the exception of the initial fees to establish your “Virtual Properties” account and to complete the “digital construct” of your Virtual Building and website, all the fees paid month to month for your rent are paid DIRECTLY to your sponsor/ landlord.  Your landlord gets the money immediately, just as you will get your tenants’  money immediately when THEY PAY YOU every month.

You can only rent OUT what you rent IN!  In other words … You can never collect more monthly rent (from any ONE tenant) than the rental amount you yourself pay to your own landlord.  And that’s a GOOD thing!  It’s the key to the enormous income potential in “Virtual Properties”.

Member To Member … Get Paid Instantly … Awesome!

The Company, “Virtual Properties” that is, sets up the software, provides the products and infrastructure, and then WE get all the money!

Payments from tenant to landlord are up to the people involved.  You can arrange to be paid by check, cash, money order, PayPal, AlertPay, chickens, pigs, braided rugs, or therapeutic massage.  That’s between you and your tenants.

Most landlords just stick a payment button on their Virtual Property website.  Somewhere “down the road a piece” every tenant will be on some sort of automated payment plan to keep things really simple … It just keeps getting better around here!

(If you’re concerned how The Company makes a living at this, see FAQ 5.  Nice of you to ask!)

This type of M2M – GPI Program is kind of an evolution of “affiliate sales” or “associate marketing”, but please don’t confuse this with “multi-level marketing” or “pyramid schemes”.  This is certainly neither of those!

“Virtual Properties” was developed to meet the four “L” objectives:

Legitimate – a business you can be proud to be associated with, featuring products you are excited to represent.

Legal – a business structure in every way compliant in every area it is offered. (rent payments are taxable income, but you’ll be eligible for “tax write-offs” too … check your local tax code or ask a tax advisor)

Lucrative – a business where ordinary people really CAN earn extraordinary income … REAL income!

Lots of FUN!

Now why don’t you get in touch with your new Landlord and start earning REAL income?


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