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How VP Works

Virtual Properties OverView
Step 1: You are invited by someone who currently represents “Virtual Properties” to take a look at the company and learn “what’s in it for you”.  Your sponsor owns a Virtual Building and you will be invited to rent space from the   “landlord”.  You have to “rent” before you purchase this type of virtual property from “Virtual Properties”.(If you have no one to sponsor you into “Virtual Properties” you’ll need to find a “landlord” who owns a Virtual Building to let you in.   This will be no problem as long as you demonstrate a willingness to learn and contribute to the Community.  We’ll find you a Virtual Building with a “Vacancy” sign, bet on it!)Step 2:  You review the information on your landlord’s “Virtual Properties” website.  We of course recommend you take your time and complete “due diligence”.  This is not for everyone, and you may find that investing in virtual properties is not suitable for you at this time.  Get the facts (and the FAQs) and make your decision.

Step 3:  Decide on the levels of participation in the program you are comfortable with.  Most start off in a mid-level unit but a real economical (ok … cheap …) starter package is an option.  Your individual sponsor (we’ll say “landlord”, just play along!) may offer a sign-up bonus or discount.  These “move-in special”  incentives are sometimes time limited or space available so be sure and ask!

Step 4: Pay the appropriate fees corresponding to the level of involvement you have elected.  You will incur a set up charge (“Construction Cost”) that is paid (one time only) to the company, and your first month’s recurrent charge that is paid directly to your sponsor.  Recurring fees are paid only to your sponsor and are NOT shared or distributed “downline” to any other program members.

That’ because this is NOT a “multi-level” program!  “Virtual Properties” is a “Member To Member – Get Paid Instantly” Program.  (Read aboutM2M – GPI in FAQ 7.)

Step 5:  After your “digital construct” is completed you will be notified that your “Virtual Building” is ready.  You now own virtual property and your “Virtual Properties” system is operational.

You may immediately begin inviting others to participate so that you can “earn as you learn”.  Your Virtual Building is ready for “tenants”!It’s time for you to get busy and earn your income!

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